Winter Gray

I have started this doll in January 2016 as a special doll for my tutorial project. It was cold and grey winter outside, and I think it has influenced my choice of the color. The doll is wearing a neutral grey dress, as gray as only winter skies can be. “Frozen” gray and white roses have landed on her waist and hair, tiny dew drops have turned into gray icicles and are waiting among the roses for the spring to come. Only a slight touch of pink on her lips reminds us, that there is still life under the forsen surface; the touch of gold on her shoes and hair decor doesn’t let us forget, that there is the warm sun shining bright behind those gray clouds.

The doll is
40 cm tall (19 cm while sitting)
sculpted form air dry clay over wire armature
Painted with acrylic, pastels, water colors and sealed with protective varnish
The dress is made from natural fabrics and laces decorated with acrylic roses, hematite beads and glass micro beads each of which were sewn by hand
The doll’s hair is made from flax fiber and permanently styled into baroque stile wig.

Dry clean only
In order to preserve the doll’s original beauty, it should be protected from direct sunlight, extra dust and humidity.
Not meant for children.