• Do You Want To Learn How To Make a Ball Jointed Doll?

    Do You Want To Learn How To Make a Ball Jointed Doll?

    It haven taken me even a year and I have finished a ball jointed doll making guide! Months of work were laid down into one hundred and seventeen pages of photos drawings and instructions so you can learn my easy and simple way of making a ball jointed doll. My journey as an art doll […]

  • “My Dear Psyche” – a New Bone China Doll

    “My Dear Psyche” – a New Bone China Doll

    Psyche a Goddess with butterfly’s wingsPsyche – the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious   This doll is quite a traveler – while I was staying at home working, she flew to Las Vegas and took a part in a couture jewelry show in Vinh hotel. (photos by Margita Grabovska) She is such […]

  • Three Unglamorous Fairies

    Three Unglamorous Fairies

    I can’t believe I have finished them… What was supposed to be a short and fun project, has turned out into something deep and meaningful that has taken me almost 2 years. If you follow me long enough, you know, that usually my dolls resemble adults, and these three childlike dolls have become an exception. […]

  • Goddess of Bees – the tiniest doll I have ever made

    Goddess of Bees – the tiniest doll I have ever made

    Hello My dear readers.It’s been a while.2019 has passed in a blink of an eye, and I feel a little guilty for not showing you anything new.I promise I will be more productive in doll field this year – I have so many dolls waiting to be finished and so many ideas of new ones to […]

  • Are You Looking For Balance?

    Are You Looking For Balance?

    The year is coming to it’s grand finale, and I am happy to to look back and to summarize my work. My year was all about sharing. I have dedicated it to everyone who wants to have a glimpse into doll maker’s world, who is eager to find out how the doll’s are born, who […]

  • Summer is a dolly time!

    Hello my dear followers I hope all of you are well and your summer is filled with blessings and you have a lot of time for your hobbies. My summer is busy for sure. I am working on a new doll and making one more tutorial along the way.   Meanwhile my earlier tutorials are […]

  • The Red Queen Of The Masquerade

    The Red Queen Of The Masquerade

    I wish this year to be more productive, and fulfilling. So many goals are waiting there to be achieved – there is no time for doubts and hesitations. So let’s have a good year, everyone! Let’s make our best! I have created this doll to summarize the technique that I have been working in at […]

  • Forgotten Pagan Goddess

    Forgotten Pagan Goddess

    I like to explore mythology and to look at the world through our ancestor’s eyes – their world was so colorful, full of gods and goddesses and magical spirits – a prayer to one, an offering to another – and your life will be surrounded by good luck and blessings, and if something still goes […]

  • It Is Time

    Time is running and here I am realizing once again, that there are simply too many ideas in my head and my life time will not be enough to make them all come truth. I am working on too many projects simultaneously and I am starting to feel the impact on my health that this […]