“My Dear Psyche” – a New Bone China Doll

Psyche a Goddess with butterfly’s wings
Psyche – the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious


This doll is quite a traveler – while I was staying at home working, she flew to Las Vegas and took a part in a couture jewelry show in Vinh hotel.

(photos by Margita Grabovska)

She is such an eye-catcher. I have sculpted her hair from porcelain in my original technique which makes her different from what we are used to perceive as a doll, how ever we can’t call her a statuette, because she has flexible limbs and fabric costume. Her transparent butterfly wings were decorated with thousands of microbeads all of which I have sewn by hand one bead at a time. The rough drawings of sculls on the wings are making an interesting contras with her gentle porcelain face, while the simplified ribbon jointed construction is contrasting with a complexed costume that I have made from natural silk and altered organza and embroidered by hand. And no need to say – she looks great next to gold and precious stones. 



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