Three Unglamorous Fairies

I can’t believe I have finished them… What was supposed to be a short and fun project, has turned out into something deep and meaningful that has taken me almost 2 years. If you follow me long enough, you know, that usually my dolls resemble adults, and these three childlike dolls have become an exception. During the time I was making them, I have sunk my thoughts deep into my early childhood memories and it brought up so many forgotten feelings and emotions which I had to sort out and to put in right places.

Anyway – the three fairies are finished and now it’s up to them what story they will live.

Fairies – little humanoids living in wild and among people. They are gifted with magical powers and are known to be able to shape shift and fly. Often seen dressed up in rags and are grateful if presented with warm clothes. They express their gratitude with gifts, but can become dangerous if harmed.

Leonardo is a fairy boy. He likes reading books, listening to stories and observing people while staying out of sight himself. He is often quiet and therefore looks mysterious, how ever if you approach him – you will be surprised with his warm nature and friendly attitude.

Luna is a princess… well at least in her imagination. She likes pretty things, she wants a muslin dress and long hair and shoes on high heels and to dance like ballerina… but her mom cuts her hair short and often dresses her in her brothers outgrown clothes, and the few dresses that she owns are far from glamorous… She is a little bit awkward and sometimes too straight forward… but she still thinks of herself as a princess, because in all fairy tales princesses are the best.   

No one knows is Oliver is a boy or a girl, and it’s not that Oliver cares. Oliver loves nature and spends hours playing with flowers and building sand castles. This little fairy easily befriends animals and cultivates plants. Oliver’s dream is to have a little personal garden where no one would tell what to plant or not to plant there.



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