Goddess of Bees – the tiniest doll I have ever made

Hello My dear readers.
It’s been a while.
2019 has passed in a blink of an eye, and I feel a little guilty for not showing you anything new.
I promise I will be more productive in doll field this year – I have so many dolls waiting to be finished and so many ideas of new ones to come.
This is my first finished project for this year. A little goddess of the bees.
When the world is sinking in chaos, my need for the soothing power of nature is bigger than ever. I cherish each hour spent among plants and bees watching their cycle of life and the impact that I make on them and they make on me. It’s beautiful and I feel lucky.

This doll was quite a challenge. I have never made such a tiny doll with so many details. At some moments it felt even ridiculous to fire my 43 liter porcelain kiln for the doll parts size in 1 cm. Embroidering the little dress took me for ever because my eyes are not as precise as they used to be, and I had to use magnifying glass. The dolls shoes appeared too tiny to make them in any other technique than embroidering them directly on her tiny feet. In order to make her metal heels, I had to learn to solder brass. I had also to learn to polish stone in order to turn this piece of natural stone into a doll’s stand. But at the end of all challenges and failures I feel happy. She came out just as I wanted her to, and now that she is standing on my table it feels like she is a little living creature that was meant to be.


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