Are You Looking For Balance?

The year is coming to it’s grand finale, and I am happy to to look back and to summarize my work.
My year was all about sharing. I have dedicated it to everyone who wants to have a glimpse into doll maker’s world, who is eager to find out how the doll’s are born, who wants to learn the techniques and to try one’s own hand in this magical process of creating a doll.
This year I have jumped into the teacher’s, and a little bit of writer’s shoes and wrote four tutorials about doll making and costuming.
And what about the doll’s? – Well I wish I had made more of them, but the day has only 24 hours – way less than I need.
My plans for 2019 – more doll’s of course! More tutorials for sure, and also I am looking forward to discover and to learn new techniques myself, because I need to grow too. I am so looking forward to it!

Meanwhile, let me present you my last doll of this year – I call her “Balance” she represents the piece of mind, the control over one’s thoughts and body, the concentration in a middle of chaos, the inner balance that keeps one from falling down and breaking.

The doll is already sold, but if you are interested on how she was made, or want to create your own “Balance” – you can find the tutorial in my Etsy store.

And one more thing:
I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has been with me all this year, who has been following my works and supporting me in my journey, there for, I have made a little gift for you. It is a little paper doll tutorial that will be available on my Etsy store ( only during the winter holidays season. Make sure to read the description when you open the listing.
Merry winter holidays everyone, and Happy New Year!


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