Do You Want To Learn How To Make a Ball Jointed Doll?

It haven taken me even a year and I have finished a ball jointed doll making guide!

Months of work were laid down into one hundred and seventeen pages of photos drawings and instructions so you can learn my easy and simple way of making a ball jointed doll.

My journey as an art doll maker started in 2009 after seeing a ball jointed doll for the first time. I worked in different sphere back then, and had nothing to do with dolls, and in general had no idea about the existence of these dolls that are actually not meant for children. I saw this doll, and it cough my attention, and I have started researching for all possible information, how ever the information was pretty scars.

I wanted to make one myself, but I had no tutorials to learn from and I had never even held a real ball jointed doll in my hands. With the scraps of information that I could find online I have got a general idea about how these dolls were made, how ever it still was a guessing game that has taken many attempts to figure out what will work and what will not. After trying to make a ball jointed doll the classical way, I felt that the process is just too slow for me, so I kept thinking on how to make it simpler and there for quicker. I have been trying things out, systematizing the information that I could find and utilizing the experience that I’ve got while making all sorts of different art dolls until I came up with a way of making ball jointed dolls that suits me.

I hope that everyone who will buy my tutorial will find it interesting, useful and encouraging.

The tutorial can be found in my Etsy store.


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