Magic Eye Demon

I’ve got a magic eye 
I see when people lye
But I am too polite
I turn away my sight…

This Tiny Demon doll was supposed to be the last doll for 2015th, but the year appeared to be too short for finishing all my projects, so she has become the first doll from 2016th.
I love dolls wearing black, there is something magical about that color, how ever I think this is the last one that I am making in black at this size. My eyes are failing. I can’t work on black clothes for too long. I am embroidering and sewing for few hours a day and then I have to put the dress aside, as my eyes go tired and I simply do not see what I am doing anymore. What a pitty… Well I guess this is a sign for me to move to dolls of bigger size. 


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  1. Jill Jackson Avatar
    Jill Jackson

    I love this doll and the poem explaining her feelings.
    It is unfortunate that your sight is making it difficult to work on this size as they are my favorite.

    I wish my money situation would allow me to purchase her, but unhappily it does not.
    She is beautiful.

    Warmly, Jill

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