Shoe tutorial for my crafty friends

baciukaiI have been dressing up a doll and thought I will make a photo-tutorial along the way as a small gift for my followers.
So here is how to make doll shoes.


Enjoy 🙂


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  1. Sharon Mitchell Avatar
    Sharon Mitchell

    Thank you for sharing these pics on your website! I admire your work and style immensely! It is inspirational to all doll artists!

  2. lana appel russeck Avatar
    lana appel russeck

    Thank you.

  3. Dana gur zeev Avatar
    Dana gur zeev

    Sorry for the mistake. The shoe tutorial didn’t open on your website

  4. Dana gur zeev Avatar
    Dana gur zeev

    Sorry again maybe I don’t have on my laptop the application. I’ll try on another computer

  5. Sorry to hear this Danna, it seems it worked for everybody else. I takes a while to load tho, so maybe that is an issue.

  6. so sorry – it does not work – I loaded now for 25 minutes on my PC…
    but that is surely not your fault!
    I admire your work so much!

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