We all are more similar than we are different

It is symbolic that I am shooting photos of these two girls today, as today we celebrate a day of love.
And today I want to talk about love more than ever, because I see so much unhidden and pure hatred around. It seems we have forgotten the power that we have when we are united. We forgot how similar we all are, how we all want to live in peace, how we all love our close ones, how we all care of our future and of the future of our children. So so many people have forgot about our similarities and are looking for differences in each other, so they can justify their hatred. We all want to have a freedom of choice – whom to love, where to live, what to believe in, how to built our future. We all want this freedom to be respected by the others, but how often do I see that people criticize other people’s choices, how easily they demonstrate disrespect. How easily they forget how similar they are with each other and what unites them. How easily they hang tags on other people, how easily they delete faces and names and blinded by their own false significance they suddenly… start a war.
Today I want to call for love. I want to call everyone to open their eyes for similarities that unite us.


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