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  The February has came sooner than I expected, and all my time now goes to the preparations  for the exhibition in Munich. (http://www.inhorgenta.com/

  Margita (www.margisa.eu) has made a magnificent  set of jewelry for one of my dolls, and is still working on two other sets. It is very interesting and exciting to see how other artists feels the connection to my work, and how our visions are synchronizing and growing into a unique set of three dolls dressed up in silver, gold and precious stones.

  I will add more photos and the whole story later, but meanwhile, with a permission from Margita, I am very happy to share with you the first one from the three:  “The White Siren”.


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  1. Lori Mitchell Avatar
    Lori Mitchell

    She is beautiful Dorote!

  2. Lucy Cieri-Acosta Avatar
    Lucy Cieri-Acosta


  3. GASP! SHE IS STUNNING! you have done it again Dorote! wishing you all the best with your coming events! xoxo

  4. Joyce Collins Avatar
    Joyce Collins

    Love the uniqueness of her…..just beautiful!!

  5. Tavo lėlės kaip visada nuostabios ir su istorija. Negaliu atsižavėti 🙂

  6. Oh Wauw!! This is GORGEOUS!! You really did an amazing job! I’m in love with a doll… 😀


    Kathleen xx

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