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while I have a short breack in exhibition, I am writing this post for all my followersimage

It is the third day and the emotional athmosphere is very warm and exiting. So much beauty arround, and so much of exellent craftmenship and original designs. My dolls are getting a lot of attention and they have brought many smiles to peoples faces

As all my dolls, these three Sirens have a story behind them too:

They say that Sirens have magic voices and are attracting sailors with their songs and a shine of their jewels to the rocky shores. The ships are breaking against the rocks and the sailors find their death on the bottom of the sea.
I say, those sailors are just too greedy. It’s not enough for them to listen to those beautiful voices and admire their beauty from a distance. They are rushing to the shore expecting to catch themselves a rich bride to trap her and to hide her from the rest of the world… silly men – at the end they are getting what they deserve.image

















The upper part of the dolls is made from bone China (porcelain), and the lower part is sculpted formacie dry clay on wire armature. The costumes are decorated with hand embroidery, glass and semiprecious stone beads. The jewelery is from gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones. Their crowns can be wron as rings and necklaces are also fitting human.



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