Forgotten Pagan Goddess

I like to explore mythology and to look at the world through our ancestor’s eyes – their world was so colorful, full of gods and goddesses and magical spirits – a prayer to one, an offering to another – and your life will be surrounded by good luck and blessings, and if something still goes wrong – there is always a god or two to blame.

This time Budintoya (Budintoja) has caught my attention. Her main and only task was to wake everyone up from sleep. It seems a small task at the beginning, but can you imagine, what would happen to the world if everyone would fall asleep and no one would wake them up?… No bird would sing, no dog would bark, people would not get up to do their daily tasks… And now that I think — all those times that I have overslept and got up late – I must had offended the goddess of awakening somehow, and she didn’t wake me up on time.

And I think I have found a new hobby – I just love making short stop motion animation of my dolls.

When I was a kid, I was watching stop motion fairy tales on TV, and I was wishing with all my heart to have a doll that would move and talk like those behind the screen… and then I grew up and became a doll maker…. and now my dolls can move… let’s see if I can make them talk one day. 


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