It Is Time

IMG_2730Time is running and here I am realizing once again, that there are simply too many ideas in my head and my life time will not be enough to make them all come truth. I am working on too many projects simultaneously and I am starting to feel the impact on my health that this eternal rushing is causing. So yes, I have to give up on some things, and move forward with others.

Today I have decided to sell my unpainted “Tiny Tender Demons”, because I simply can’t find the time to finish them all myself. I know that some of you were waiting for this, so, here is your chance to get one and to customize it yourself.

I have sculpted this doll in 2014, it was cast by “Star Dolls” in milk white resin. All “Tiny Tender Demons” are sanded and stringed. I will add a pair of handmade eyes that I have made myself (if you prefer glass eyes or resin eyes, you may look for the ones that fit a 6mm eye socket). Tiny Tender Demon is 21 cm tall. It has a magnet installed in their forehead for a magnetic wig. Thanks to the 20 points of articulation, the doll can be posed in various poses.
The doll is coming in a wooden box made especially for her.

The number of dolls is limited.
The dolls for sale are here.


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