Warm memories and dreams of summer

I have finally received two of my dolls that have been traveling the world and representing me in shows and galleries. After our happy reunion I am offering them for my dear collectors.
“The Fields of Gold” doll is telling the story about the late summer the bloom of roses and golden sunsets upon the fields of barley. I have made her tiny wings, because her fragile and delicate appearance reminds me of dragonflies that one can see only in summer.IMG_2595
And here is a short video to show you how I was making the wings.

“Cornflower” is another memory from my childhood. In Lithuania these beautiful reflections of the sky are blooming among the barley. I remember gathering them and making flower crowns, or playing with them as with tiny princesses in blue dresses.IMG_2623

Both dolls are now listed in my web store, so do not miss your chance to get your very own Tiny Tender Demon. 


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  1. Amy B Blackshear Avatar
    Amy B Blackshear

    I am absolutely intrigued by the mystery of your doll artistry! Please notify me when you have new dolls for sale.

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