I have got good news!

My dear reader, I have two good news today!
I am happy to announce, that I have finally finished a Ribbon Jointed Doll making guide for everyone who wants to make a doll by themselves.

I have started this tutorial in January 2016 by making a doll and taking photos of all the process and, after long months of selecting and editing those photos and writing the comments and putting it all together, and then editing…endlessly editing, I have finally brought it to the end. I must confess – making tutorials takes much more time than making dolls.

I am not sure when I will make a next one, because right now I am absolutely exhausted and need to have some pure doll making away from the computer.
And you, my dear reader, may purchase the tutorial on my revived Etsy store. (click here).



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  1. Tks for share and you made my chritmas hugs and kiss for you and God bless your life and family

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