Doll Summer in Preili – 2016

Here I am – back from a wonderful 3 days doll show in Preili.

Preili is a cosy tiny tidy Latvian town where all cultural life is circling around dolls. Thanks to Vladlena (Vladimir and Lena Michailovs) Preili has a new tradition – a yearly doll show, where doll artists from different countries are bringing their works for the appreciation of local public and a great number of tourists and collectors, who come to Preili specially for the show time. Wonderful and appreciating public, enormous hospitality which has followed us in every step, tasty food from fresh local ingredients and free Wi-Fi all over the town – exceeded all our expectations. The attention to the detail made us feel at home and has set a new standard of show organizing. The charming mayor of the town Maruta Plivda was involved in all our activity, the attentive public relation specialist Maija Paegle made sure so we do not miss any of the activity planned, and the head of the Cultural Center Guntis Skrimblis was teleporting all over the tawn at the speed of light and was always there when needed.

IMG_1980 IMG_1959
When it comes about the doll collectors – the show has offered them an interesting selection of art dolls, OOAK bears, and exclusive souvenirs for any taste.
Each artist, from more than 30 participants has brought works of unique personal style and high level craftsmanship.
I am sure you will find a lot of photos from the show online, and here are a couple of myself – the proud participant of “Doll Summer in Preili – 2016”.


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  1. Vicki atoui Avatar
    Vicki atoui

    Wow! Congratulations!!!! And thank you for telling me about a town devoted to dolls. Incredible! I love your frame presentations. And you are more beautiful than your dolls!

  2. Jill Jackson Avatar
    Jill Jackson

    I do love your girls in white and the unique use of the frames for them, Dorote’. Wish I could see your work in person.


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