The longest project I have ever worked on

IMG_1887I have started this doll in 2010. I was working on it for several weeks or months, then putting aside, and coming back to it again and again. My vision of her had been changing, I have re-sculpted her for a couple of times, and beading the costume has taken me for ever. During those years I have made many dolls, and my followers will remember the three sirens, which were smaller versions of the women with bird legs, how ever this doll, the first birdie of mine, was standing in my studio half made, and waiting for it’s turn to come once again.
Today, after six years since I have started creating her, the bird-woman is finally finished. I have named her “The Blue Bird”. Blue bird is a magical creature who makes our most beautiful dreams come truth.
The doll stands 65,5 cm tall. She is the tallest doll I ever made. Her body is soft and her head, upper torso and hands are sculpted from air dry clay and painted with oil painter quality paints. The legs are made in my special technique and appear pretty realistic.
The doll’s costume is decorated with thousands of seed beads, and some “cat’s eye” stones. All beads are sewn to the fabric, no glue was used. The doll holds a miniature, but completely functional fan. The hair of the doll is made from hand dyed cotton threads.


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  1. Jill Jackson Avatar
    Jill Jackson

    Dorote, Your “Bluebird” is amazing. Love the azure blue color and her pose. Totally elegant.

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